Junior Samurai Jiu-Jitsu

Junior Samurai Jiu-Jitsu

Jiu-Jitsu itself was developed in Japan during the Feudal period. It was originally an art designed for warfare, but after the abolition of the Feudal system in Japan, certain modifications needed to be made to the art in order to make it suitable for practice. During Feudal times, Jiu-Jitsu was also known as Yawara, Hakuda, Kogusoko, and an assortment of other names. The earliest recorded use of the word “jiu-jitsu” happens in 1532 and is coined by the Takenouchi Ryu (school). The history of the art during this time is uncertain because teachers kept everything secret to give their art a feeling of importance and then would change the stories of their art to suit their own needs.

After the Feudal period in Japan ended (Jiu-jitsu was no longer needed on the battlefield), a way to practice the art realistically was needed, which is why Jigoro Kano (1860–1938), a practitioner of Jiu-Jitsu, developed his own system of Jiu-Jitsu in the late 1800’s, called Judo. Judo was helpful because it allowed practitioners the ability to try the art safely and realistically at the same time. The most important contribution Judo made to the practice of “Jiu-jitsu” was the concept of Rondori. Rondori was a form of sparing and contained a set of sportive rules that made practice safe, yet realistic. Because of the sportive outlet (rules that made practice safe), students of Jiu-jitsu from Kano’s school were able to practice more frequently due to the fact that they were not always recovering from injuries. This multiplies the amount of training time for student’s of Kano’s school and drastically increased their abilities. Judo (Kano’s version of Jiu-jitsu) was watered down from the complete form (of Jiu-jitsu), but still contained enough techniques to preserve its realistic effectiveness. The one problem that occurred was, in Kano’s opinion, ground work was not as important as achieving the throw or take down, therefore ground fighting was not emphasized in Judo and became weak in that system. Judo also began placing too many rules and regulations on the art to make it more acceptable as an Olympic sport. Leg locks were not allowed, and when a fight went to the ground, a player had only 25 seconds to escape a hold or pin before the match was lost. These are a few of the rules that hindered Judo as a realistic form of self-defense. Then why did Judo flourish and why was it so great? Even with all the rules and restrictions, the time-tested principle of “pure grappler beats pure striker,” still holds true. The fact remains that most fights, even those fights occurring between strikers with no grappling experience, end up in a clinch. You see the clinch in just about every boxing match, and hundreds of punches usually need to be thrown to end the fight with a strike, which gives the grappler plenty of opportunity to take his/her opponent to the ground, where a pure striker has no experience and is at the grappler’s mercy.

It's not likely that your kids go out looking for trouble in Ottawa, but that doesn't mean trouble won't find them. In these cases, the expert self-defense instruction from Team Bushido Mma Fitness Ctr will ensure your kids have the preparation to defuse the situation and avoid injury. Our self-defense classes have a simple aim – give you the knowledge and ability you need to prevail when attacked. At the same time your children are learning discipline,self-respect and many other life learning skills that can help them in everyday life!

While the goal of our self-defense classes in Ottawa may be serious, Team Bushido Mma Fitness Ctr wants our training environment to be friendly and open to both long-term students and new learners. With that in mind, we encourage interaction, engagement, and talking to learn more about the martial arts techniques we teach and how they can be of benefit to you and your children!

In an ideal world, you'll never need to use the abilities you've learned with Team Bushido Mma Fitness Ctr, but we know that ideal doesn't always match up with reality. However, with our help, you'll have the confidence and physical skills needed to evade potentially dangerous situations in Ottawa.

We start our kids at just 5 years old! Parents can also join in on the fun so they something interesting to chat about at dinner time!

The kids class is FUN FILLED SELF-DEFENSE at it's BEST!

Team Bushido Mma Fitness Ctr self-defense instruction in Ottawa are open to students of all ages and ability levels. Dial 613-260-8262 for more info about our self-defense classes

Martial arts training for beginners and masters alike - dial 613-260-8262to set up your first visit.

As an established martial arts instruction team in Ottawa, Team Bushido Mma Fitness Ctr has helped countless residents learn a wide variety of styles.


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