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Team Bushido MMA Fitness Center

One way Team Bushido MMA Fitness Center gives back to the community is by donating their time, money and raising awareness towards these charitable organizations; below is a list of a few events that we have promoted to date:

Children Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Foundation

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation – Breast Cancer

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation-“Hunks with Hammer”

Shaundra Mitchener Ottawa Senators foundation Charity Golf Classic

Ottawa Special Olympics

Canadian Paraplegic Association

GCWCC Government Campaign

Soldier On Foundation

Tsunami Relief in Japan and Haiti

We also need to give back, not only within our community but around the world. We have been sponsoring a child from Mali, Africa. His name is Kalerou it’s been a few years now.  Kalerou has now grown up and with the tools that were provided to him by our sponsorship, he has decided to take care of his own family.  So now we welcome our new sponsor child, his name is Awalou Lawali

Celebrity Comments!

Max Keeping   RE: Special Olympics Fund Raiser

Dear Max Keeping,

“What a great day!  It was so fantastic to hear ‘The Gift” perform.  Brenda has been so excited to be a part of it and meeting Max Keeping was a huge highlight for her.”

This quote articulates the overwhelming feelings of the day and you were the spark that ignited the momentum!  Thanks for being such a knowledgeable, concerned and understanding guest.  The choir – The Gift – were all very excited and nervous to meet you.  The few who could not be there were most disappointed.

Special Olympics and Team Bushido have a great partnership going and we hope to work together for years to come, spreading the word about community spirit and good health.

Thanks for all you do for our community; if there is ever anything we can do to help our community do not hesitate for a second to call on us.

It was my privilege to join you, albeit for such a short time. The Gift is so terrific.

And the commitment of the folks at Team Bushido was very impressive. It’s unfortunate there was not more media coverage. May I suggest you send a story and a photo to EMS newspapers? If they print it, and they often do accept handouts without editing, you hit 480,000 homes.

Thanks for all you do

Live today well


Max Keeping | Ambassador to the Community


March 12th, 2018


March 12th, 2018

Heroes Combat League April 6th

January 11th, 2018

“Warrior’s Wrath” Heroes Combat League

January 2nd, 2018





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