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June 13th Heroes Results

Another show in the books! “Fortis” Heroes Combat League II was another night of warriors that will go down in history! Amazing show of skills and warriors from Oama, Team Bushido MMA, Parabellum, Empire MMA, and the coaching staff we appreciate so much! It was my pleasure to witness a great match with a great coach I Nick Castiglia when meeting up with another high level competitor like Jarrod Serre. Not to mention having to re-fight later in the evening vs me, Nabil Khatib in an entertainment MMA match that I hope pleased the crowd! We appreciate all of your support! Thank you all so much for the help with the build up and tearing down of the equipment needed to put on this show! Everything we do, we do for YOU! Our MMA, Muay Thai and MMA community! We LOVE OUR SPORT and WE LOVE bringing it to you! A SPECIAL THANKS to Leila, Nadia , Jon and Tania Azzie for being there for us! Thank you to all of the volunteers and a big thank you to Yaovi who was in security mode all night! Sala San Marco hall was again a great venue and had some great staff as always!













(W) Josh Woods VS Christopher Hendry 0:55 sec first round KO

(W) Patrice Poulin VS Koady Ford  1:58 sec round arm bar

(W) Fred Stonehouse VS Patrick Connors round 3 , split dec

David Nguyen VS (W) Dylan Stuckless sec round TKO

(W) Cole Crossthwaite VS Mark Lefebrve 1:16 sec round arm bar

(W) Joey Morency VS Mammady Cissy  1:06 sec first round RNC


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See you again in August!

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Heroes Muay Thai




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