1580 Liverpool Court Unit 7 Ottawa,(613) 260-8262 (TBMA)


DRYSDALE JIU-JITSU. This is what we do! March 29 – 2013 Phuket, Thailand Bangla Stadium Nabil vs Muay Thai Champ “Rockstar” >Train Like a Pro – Feel like a Champ! Randy Couture Book Tour at Team Bushido MMA Family Reunion and training in the park! Nabil “The Thrill'” Sparring at TRISTAR GYM   Team Bushido MMA – A Short Film from House Edge Media Co. on Vimeo. Team Bushido – Tsunami Relief – Japan
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Ottawa Drysdale Blue Belts Exams Ottawa Drysdale Blue Belts Exams
20 photos
Robert Drysdale Seminar Robert Drysdale Seminar
24 photos
Pro Fight Circuit Pro Fight Circuit
Here are some shots of my fights etc..
67 photos
Famous Faces Famous Faces
33 photos
Team Bushido MMA Fitness Center Team Bushido MMA Fitness Center
17 photos
Hybrid 5 Hybrid 5
20 photos
Tania's 40th Birthday Party Tania's 40th Birthday Party
5 photos
Team Bushido Rockland! Team Bushido Rockland!
10 photos
Tsunami Relief - Japan Tsunami Relief - Japan
67 photos
Twibbons Twibbons
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Soke Brian Cheek Seminar Soke Brian Cheek Seminar
57 photos
Warrior One Warrior One
MMA Fight seen!
63 photos
Bushido Grappling Championships Bushido Grappling Championships
50 photos
Ontario BJJ Open Ontario BJJ Open
29 photos
Iceman Kickboxing Iceman Kickboxing
Team Bushido's Top FIGHTERS
29 photos
Ladies Kickboxing Ladies Kickboxing
19 photos
Albums 1 - 16 out of 16
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January 11th, 2018

“Warrior’s Wrath” Heroes Combat League

January 2nd, 2018


November 22nd, 2017

King of Lethwei-Dave Leduc

November 7th, 2017

Heroes Muay Thai

SPECIAL OFFERS     Join us in our multiple facet Martial Arts facilities that includes unlimited classes as well as unlimited use of the facilities. We also offer personal classes

Team Bushido MMA and Fitness

1580 Liverpool Court Unit 7, Ottawa  K1B4L2

613-260-8262 (TBMA)


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