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I now face every Friday afternoon with trepidation as I know that your Friday night conditioning class is quickly approaching. I have been training at Team Bushido now for almost a year and I can say without reservation that at 37 years old I am in the best shape I have ever been, due in no small part to your assistance and training.


More recently, the Friday night conditioning class has added an aspect to my training that I have been missing. It is remarkable how you are able to deliver a total body workout, to multiple clients of varying age and fitness levels, while still remaining able to challenge all members participating. Moreover, the team / family atmosphere at Team Bushido facilitates encouragement and forces me to work harder when, if training alone, I would want to quit.

Again, thank you for adding this training to the schedule and I apprehensively look forward to the next training class.

Allan Crawford

I thought I knew what a good workout felt like until I tried a couple of sports conditioning classes with the folks at Team Bushido MMA. I thought I was going to walk in and easily get through the hour long session – boy, was I wrong. I was challenged in a way conventional workouts and weight lifting just can’t compare to. Never have a felt more beat-up and exhausted – but, the feeling you get afterwards is indescribable. You’re ready to come back next week even more prepared than the last and you can really feel an improvement.

… not to mention the amazing first class staff and trainers.

I now look forward to class every single week. It’s the perfect way to kick off the weekend!

Dante Scaffidi

I really liked the sport conditioning class on Friday though it was really tough. I think this class is very helpful for us to gain more strength, power and flexibility. I really like to gain more flexibility so I can open my leg wider when I kick. Moreover, I have been to different martial art schools here in Canada but I really like Team Bushido over all of them. You work hard to make sure that everyone of us is satisfied and you make sure that everyone of us is doing the drills correctly.

Thanks a lot,

Ahmed Alsaadi

If I had to sum up what MMA has done for our son … I would say … MMA has taught our son RESPECT, has given our son a goal to better himself physically, has shown him that with hard work comes good results, has encouraged him to be healthier and take better care of himself and has increased his self-esteem… what more could a parent want for their child.

When you take the time to really see what the sport is all about, visit Team Bushido MMA, observe a class, you have a very different outlook and see what it’s all about, then you are in a much better place to form an opinion about the sport.  As a mother, who would call herself the Mother Hen of them all …. I can say that, without a doubt, MMA is one of the best thing that has happened to our son and that my husband and I are extremely proud of him and are very grateful for what Team Bushido has done for him.

Anne Papineau

I’m impressed with the way they run the gym, it’s clean, it’s beautiful, you always get treated amazingly… it’s the most hospitable place that I know.


I have trained in various dojos. None were able to offer the level of structure, teaching and skill that I require to channel my abilities.

The integrity, respect, knowledge and quality of Team Bushido environment is what keeps me loyal to their training.


It’s awesome! I love the team spirit. Everybody cheers you on. And you know, motivates you by their chants, you know, c’mon, you can, push, one more time!  I signed up for a year, and I’m going for a full year. Yeah, I’m here!


I’m impressed with the way they run the gym, it’s clean, it’s beautiful, There’s a storefront, big mats for grappling, a cage, there’s a boxing ring… it’s amazing.


I love it. I’m seeing major results. My clients are noticing. My kids are saying, “Wow Mom, you look good” And it feels really good. It feels awesome. It’s hard work. It’s really hard work. But it’s a lotta fun.


I love his passion of teaching and coaching. Cause I think that’s what he does best. He’s a great Canadian fighter but he’s an awesome coach for beginners or people with a lot of experience.


I mean I get compliments all the time…  It’s just like this insane conditioning. It’s functional, you’re doing Jiu-Jitsu, self-defence and kickboxing. I mean, I’m loving it. I really love the workout here. It’s really good.


The workout that you get here is like beyond anything that you can get in a regular gym. Doing weights and cardio is nothing compared to the kickboxing. Cause you’re working technique. And it’s mental, it’s physical. It’s just a whole combination of things. It’s really really exhilarating.


Thank you very much for continuing to provide your Sport Conditioning Classes!  After walking around overweight and out of shape for 30+ years, thanks to your program I am in the best shape of my life and I feel amazing.  I’ve done other classes like Crossfit and such, but nothing compares to the workout I get from you.  The pace is amazing with the right combination of intensity and rest periods; I love the feeling of pushing myself to places I never thought I would go.  2 foot box jumps, 200lbs sled pushes, Donkey Kong slams and yes, even burpees make for a great work out.  Over the years that I have been doing your Sport Conditioning Classes week in and week out I am amazed at how good I feel after taking the classes; my strength and stamina are well above the average person’s, never mind my age group!  I love competing with guys half my age and coming out on top.

Thank you Nabil,

Dave Power


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