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Fight results for Nabil “The Thrill” Khatib!

Markhaile Wedderburn vs. Nabil Khatib
Rd1: Wedderburn starts off using strong leg kicks on Khatib’s lead leg. Khatib commits to an overhand and is knocked backwards into the cage by a Wedderburn 2 punch combo. Wedderburn lands a powerful left hook that connects on Khatib’s chin. Khatib falls back against the cage and Wedderburn swarms with punches. Wedderburn takes his back and locks in the RNC, but Khatib is able to fight through it and make it back to his feet. Wedderburn connects on Khatib’s chin again and Khatib just barely grabs a leg to keep from falling face first. Wedderburn follows him to the mat and looks for some GNP. Khatib throws up his legs and attempts a triangle but Wedderburn slams out of it to close off the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wedderburn

Rd2: Khatib comes right out and looks for the takedown and secures the double leg. Khatib pushes him up against the fence and works some strikes from top position. Wedderburn turns and gives up his back. Khatib accepts the invite and takes the back, locks in the hooks and proceeds to rain down the punishment until the ref comes in for the stoppage.
Khatib defeats Wedderburn via TKO (GnP) @ 2:32 of Rd2

January 11th, 2018

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