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Team Bushido MMA Fitness Center was originally opened in a small town east of Ottawa called Rockland. Very receptive to the concept and program, the Rockland community grew within the small studio where life began for TBMMA! With the respect and discipline Sensei Nabil instilled with the members, it also grew into a fun family atmosphere! With the growth of MMA in Ottawa we decided to continue the growth within the big city! Continuing to teach the skills and life philosophies of training in the art of combat! This brings honour, respect and self discipline to mind!

A 4th degree Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu under W.E.B.B.S.

A Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Robert Drysdale

With over 43 fights to his career he now focuses on ours goals in fitness and sport competition!

Now training with and under the tutelage of UFC coach Firas Zahabi and Tristar Gym

Head coach for local MMA amateur and pro fighters here in Ottawa to bring the best our of each individual.

Founder of Heroes Combat League, the first ever amateur mma sport in Ottawa. Catering to young athletes who are looking to make a mark in Ottawa mma and HCL is the way to do it!

Doug Ryan,on the left, family man with family patience! Great attention to detail and research!

Brown Belt daytime BJJ instructor

Professor Gerhardt Blume

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt and Veteran Nick Hancock, very well versed in ground control and loves to teach, enjoys a fun class and loves to learn and pass it on!

Muay Thai instructor Dylan Stuckless! Fierce and fun competitor and a great instructor! Always fun to train with!


January 11th, 2018

“Warrior’s Wrath” Heroes Combat League

January 2nd, 2018


November 22nd, 2017

King of Lethwei-Dave Leduc

November 7th, 2017

Heroes Muay Thai




Join us in our multiple facet Martial Arts facilities that includes unlimited classes as well as unlimited use of the facilities. We also offer personal classes

Team Bushido MMA and Fitness

1580 Liverpool Court Unit 7, Ottawa  K1B4L2

613-260-8262 (TBMA)


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