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The Samurai in our culture today is a recognized soldier of honour, respect and certainly hard work. We all have a general idea of what a Samurai actually is. A warrior who fought for his family and took care of his own and trained constantly to assure safety in the family and for others in the village. Starting with small fetes of success, reaching new heights of learning and enjoying the benefits their experiences. They continued to share the process of this life learning, warrior type of achievements and have been passed down for centuries not only in Japan but of course has traveled throughout this beautiful world of ours.

We follow this tradition and teach our children, our “mini-master” how to achieve goals and help others while doing so. In this instant they’re also taught that bullying is NOT a way of the Samurai and instead they learn how to help each other and play together like a good Samurai should!

They learn some great self-defense but more importantly self-respect!

We also offer some fun birthday parties! Inquire today! Classes are unlimited! Sign them up today!

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As an established Martial Arts team in Ottawa, Nepean will be included in the countless homes Team Bushido has helped forge honour and respect among the younger community.